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We perform series of test to verify data recoverability. If possible we image your drive.


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Professional MAC & Windows data recovery services

All laptops, desktops, RAIDs, Linux & Unix experts, servers, QuickBooks, Rush Service Available, over 17 years in computer business, encrypted drives and more...

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New Website

Feb 15, 2019

Discover benefits of our new website. It is super simple, and it includes powerful features designed to help you find all information fast and ...

by Simon M.

Data Recovery Tampa - Hurricane Irma

Sept 2, 2017

DataRecoveryTampa has been in the Tampa Bay area for years. We have witnessed hurricanes devastate both coasts in Florida. From Katrina to Sandy we have helped those who suffered from data loss ...

by Simon M.

Hard Disk Drive Failure Symptoms

May 12, 2016

Hard drives contain a lot of moving parts, which can fail and lose data. Unusual noises, error messages, vibration and smell of burning electrical components or melting solder...

by Simon M.

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